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ChatGPT: A web platform offering chatbot assistance for productivity.
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Constitute Features

Constitute is a web platform that makes it easy to access ChatGPT, a revolutionary chatbot that helps you save time and maximize your productivity. It is designed to simplify access to ChatGPT from any computer, freeing you up to focus on the tasks that matter.

Top 5 Features:
– Easy access to ChatGPT with no installation required
– Built-in search to help you quickly locate information
– Calls Chad for help with any questions or tasks
– Multi-platform support for Windows and MacOS
– Autocomplete feature to help you find the right answer quickly

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Quickly locate new information with built-in search
– Increase efficiency with the help of Chad chatbot
– Find the right answer quickly with the autocomplete feature
– Streamline communications with multi-platform support
– Access ChatGPT from any device or computer


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