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Customize designs with content from videos, images, graphics, and text.
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Contentinator Features

Contentinator – Figma Community is a powerful website that allows users to populate their designs with realistic AI-generated content. Through the use of Contentinator, users have access to a range of features such as:

Top 5 Features:
– Text – Upgrade your placeholder text, or let the AI write for you.
– Images – Generate high quality images straight from a text prompt.
– Video – Get access to a wide range of videos in various categories.
– Graphics – Create customizable graphics to fit any design.
– Audio – Generate custom audio files in various formats.

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Upgrade placeholder text for designs.
– Generate images for designs.
– Quickly add videos to designs.
– Create custom graphics for designs.
– Access custom audio files for designs.


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