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What is Corpora?

AskCorpora is a website that provides a tool for searching through and generating data with AI. It is powered by GPT-4 and ChatGPT, allowing users to upload any files in seconds and start chatting with the AI. The tool is designed to replace tutors for school, university, and professional exams, as well as to teach and solve problems. It also offers features for organizing and extracting data from unstructured documents, such as legal contracts and company filings. The tool is in public beta testing and offers a free early beta for testing purposes.



⚡Top 5 AskCorpora Features:

1. AI-powered Large PDF/Text Analysis: AskCorpora allows users to upload PDFs and analyze them using AI technology, providing accurate answers to questions based on the content of the PDF.
2. Question-Answering Capabilities: The platform is designed to answer questions related to the content of the uploaded PDFs, making it an ideal tool for creating a “second brain” of studies, books, and theories.
3. Natural Language Processing: AskCorpora uses natural language processing to understand the context of the questions and provide relevant answers, ensuring a smooth and interactive chat experience.
4. Unlimited Length: The platform supports documents of unlimited length, making it suitable for analyzing large files such as research papers or manuals.
5. Auto-prompt Transformation: AskCorpora automatically transforms prompts to improve response quality, ensuring that users get the best possible answers.



⚡Top 5 AskCorpora Use Cases:

1. Research and Study: AskCorpora can be used to analyze and understand complex documents, making it a valuable tool for students and researchers who need to extract insights from large PDFs.
2. Document Management: The platform allows users to organize their documents by creating collections, making it easier to find and access relevant information.
3. Legal Analysis: AskCorpora can be used to retrieve data from legal contracts and other documents, providing insights into the content of these documents.
4. Business Intelligence: The platform can be used to analyze company filings and other business documents, helping businesses to make informed decisions based on the data.
5. Content Generation: AskCorpora can be used to generate content based on the information in the uploaded PDFs, making it a useful tool for content creators and marketers.


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