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Accelerate job searches with personalized letters & insights.
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CoverDoc AI Features

CoverDoc.ai is an AI-powered cover letter writing and research assistant that helps job seekers accelerate their search. It provides users the ability to quickly produce personalized cover letters, do efficient company research, and prepare for interviews. With CoverDoc, users can speed up their search and close the gap between them and their dream job.

Top 5 Features:
– Fill in job details to quickly generate personalized cover letters
– Automatically personalize the cover letter based on work experience
– Get originality score to check for grammar, relevance and readability
– Instantly gain company insights to research potential employers
– Export document in formats such as PDF, Word, Google Docs

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Structure and write personalized cover letters in minutes
– Get insights into potential employers to stand out from the competition
– Generate expected questions and suggested answers for interviews
– Take advantage of AI to write professional cover letters with few grammar mistakes
– Save time by using AI to do the company research for you.


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