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Credal AI

Securely connect data sources to LLM portal with tailored access.
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Credal AI Features

Credal.ai is a secure API platform that enables enterprise-level businesses to efficiently integrate and connect any data source with their LLM portal while enforcing access and security controls.

Top 5 features:
-Enforce Access Controls in LLM system
-Tailored to data ecosystem
-Market leading security controls
-Frictionless masking and redaction
-On-prem or SaaS deployment

Top 5 use cases:
-Connect internal data sources to LLM portal
-Manage data permissions through OAuth or secure Identity APIs
-Integrate with SAML 2.0 and SCIM identity providers
-Enable automated PII masking and redaction
-Leverage existing investments in infrastructure like Azure OpenAI AWS Bedrock and ChatGPT


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