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Maximize customer conversations with self-service, coaching & insights.
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What is Cresta AI?

Cresta AI provides enterprise-grade generative AI solutions for contact centers. Their technology aims to reinvent the contact center experience by pinpointing the true drivers of performance, reducing costs through targeted automation, and empowering employees to work smarter and faster using AI-native co-pilots, QM, and coaching. Cresta’s state-of-the-art models are trained on individual businesses’ data to understand customers, agents, and processes. They offer an intuitive no-code command center for non-technical leaders to train, test, and deploy AI models. Cresta’s scalable architecture ensures ultra-low latency transcription and inference at the speed of human conversation. They also focus on identifying tactics that maximize lead conversion and upselling, providing targeted, personalized coaching, and addressing the root causes of poor service at scale.



⚡Top 5 Cresta AI Features:

  1. Enterprise-grade generative AI: Advanced contextual understanding of customers, agents, and processes using state-of-the-art models trained on your data.
  2. AI-native co-pilots: Proactive suggestions for proven best practices, generating accurate answers, and reinforcing compliance during conversations.
  3. Ultra low-latency transcription and inference: Scalable architecture delivering real-time guidance at the speed of human conversation.
  4. Behavioral adherence tracking: Reinforcement of playbooks that increase promise-to-pay, minimize net credit loss, and protect against compliance violations.
  5. No-code command center: Empowering non-technical leaders to train, test, and deploy AI models that turn insights into action.



⚡Top 5 Cresta AI Use Cases:

  1. Performance improvement: Pinpoint true drivers of performance, cut costs with targeted automation, and empower employees to work smarter and faster.
  2. Real-time guidance: Deliver personalized coaching and guide sales reps from discovery to close with real-time co-pilots.
  3. Churn reduction: Uncover root causes of churn and overcome objections in complex conversations to bring customers back from the brink of cancellation.
  4. Efficiency enhancement: Automate after call work and unlock supervisor efficiency with AI-native QA, coaching, and performance management.
  5. KPI analysis: Gain a deeper understanding of your business by analyzing semantics of every conversation and correlating insights against conversation-level outcomes.

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