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Verify text authenticity with advanced machine learning algorithms.
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What is Crossplag?

Crossplag’s AI Content Detector is a tool designed to help universities and educational institutions maintain academic integrity by identifying and flagging potential AI-generated content. The tool uses machine learning algorithms trained from human-written patterns to predict whether a text is written by an AI or a human. Users can upload text to the tool, which processes it in the background and displays the results in percentages, indicating the likelihood of AI involvement. The tool provides three output categories: Human, Mix, and AI, depending on the detected level of AI influence. Crossplag emphasizes the importance of this tool due to the rising threat of AI-generated content to academic integrity, which has been a focus of their efforts for over six years.



⚡Top 5 Crossplag Features:

  1. Language Support: The AI Content Detector supports only the English language.
  2. Probability Indicator: The tool displays the probability of the text being written by AI in percentage, ranging from 0 to 100.
  3. Result Interpretation: The result includes a bar indicating the possibility of the text being human-written, mixed, or AI-generated.
  4. Repetitive Language Analysis: The tool identifies repetitive language and inconsistent tones as indicators of AI-generated content.
  5. Ease of Use: The AI Content Detector is easy to use and requires creating an account, pasting the text, and seeing the results.



⚡Top 5 Crossplag Use Cases:

  1. Academic Integrity: Educators can use the tool to ensure the authenticity of students’ assignments and maintain academic integrity.
  2. Recruiting: Recruiters can determine whether a candidate’s resume is AI-generated or genuinely written by the applicant.
  3. Content Quality Assurance: Publishers and content creators can use the tool to improve the quality and relevance of their content.
  4. Website Optimization: Website owners can ensure their site’s content is original and avoid Google’s helpful content update penalties.
  5. Data Privacy: Users can protect their personal data by verifying the authenticity of text before sharing it publicly.

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