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AI Battlecards with insights empower sales teams to secure more deals.
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What is Cuetap?

CueTap is a web application designed to help businesses stay updated with the latest competitive intelligence using AI technology. The platform allows users to add their competitors, after which the AI automatically extracts relevant data points about each competitor. Users can then update and fine-tune these data points with new information and feedback from their sales teams. The sales team can utilize these data points for onboarding and competitive positioning, enhancing their sales pitches and increasing sales success.



⚡Top 5 CueTap Features:

  1. AI-Powered Data Extraction: AI technology that automagically extracts data points about competitors.
  2. Single Source of Truth: The platform provides a reliable and updated source of information.
  3. Actionable Insights: Users receive valuable insights to improve their strategies.
  4. Customizable Battlecards: Users can edit and maintain battlecards with the latest information.
  5. Scalable Plans: CueTap offers flexible pricing plans to accommodate different needs.



⚡Top 5 CueTap Use Cases:

  1. Competitive Positioning: Sales teams use battle cards for onboarding and competitive positioning.
  2. Product Development: Teams can monitor competitors to inform product development decisions.
  3. Marketing Strategy: Marketers can analyze competitors to optimize campaigns.
  4. Customer Success: Customer success teams can leverage battle cards to address customer concerns.
  5. Sales Training: Sales teams can use battlecards to train and improve pitching skills.

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