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Decision Mentor

Simplify decisions with Multi-Criteria tools.
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Decision Mentor Features

Decision Mentor is a Multi-Criteria Decision Making application designed to simplify complex decisions. It is an AI-powered decision-making compass that helps users to make better decisions. Decision Mentor provides public and private decision-making tools to help users with their decision-making process.

Top 5 features:
– AI-powered decision-making compass
– Public and private decision-making tools
– Multi-Criteria Decision Making
– Transform approach to problem solving and critical thinking
– AI models for video advertising

Top 5 use cases:
– Choosing between hostel, apartment and living alone
– Evaluating the ideal sprint length for website enhancement team
– Choosing between hollow steel bedframe and wooden bedframe with similar prices
– Choosing the right OS for general use case
– Debating whether to go back to school or get a job


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