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What is Deepbrain AI Studios?

Deepbrain AI Studios is an AI-powered text-to-video editor that transforms scripts into high-quality videos using photo-realistic AI avatars, significantly reducing production time and costs. The platform also enables automatic content creation by uploading a PowerPoint file, offering various templates and “one-click” subtitle generation. Recognized with CES Innovation Awards and holding 148 artificial intelligence patents, Deepbrain AI Studios is utilized for diverse use cases like car feature explanation videos, company introductions, advertising, and real-time AI tutoring.



⚡ Top 5 Deepbrain AI Studios Features:

  1. AI-Powered Text-to-Video Editor: Deepbrain AI Studios can transform scripts into high-quality videos using photo-realistic AI avatars in just a few minutes
  2. Automatic Content Creation: Users can automatically generate video content by uploading a PowerPoint file. The platform offers various templates and a ‘one-click’ subtitle generation feature
  3. Custom-made AI Avatars: Users can create custom-made AI avatars that best fit their brand, enhancing the personalization and engagement of their video content
  4. Time and Cost Efficiency: The platform significantly reduces video preparation, filming, and editing time, cutting costs by up to 80%
  5. High-Quality Output: Recognized with CES Innovation Awards and holding 148 artificial intelligence patents, Deepbrain AI Studios ensures hyper-realism and top-quality in all AI-generated videos



⚡ Top 5 Deepbrain AI Studios Use Cases:

  1. Car Feature Explanation Video: Users can leverage the AI video creation tool to explain complex features of a car engagingly, making it easier for potential customers to understand
  2. Company Reports: Businesses can utilize the platform to create mid-annual or annual report videos. The AI avatars can present the report in a more engaging and interactive manner
  3. Advertising: With the AI video creator, businesses can create unique and eye-catching billboard advertisements, enhancing their brand visibility and reach
  4. Webinars: The AI video editor can be used to create ‘Virtual Human Meet Virtual Assistants’ webinars, providing an innovative way to conduct online seminars
  5. Company Introduction: Businesses can make use of AI avatars to create introduction videos, giving a unique and personalized touch to their brand presentation



⚡ Deepbrain AI Studios Pricing Plans And Cost:

The platform offers multiple plans, with a 20% discount when purchasing annually, the pricing plans are:

  1. Starter  – $30/mo
  2. Pro – $225/mo
  3. Enterprise – custom pricing

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