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Create realistic deepfakes with cloning, manipulation & 3D.
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What is DeepFaceLab?

The repository is currently archived and no longer maintained.

DeepFaceLab is a software used for creating deepfakes, which are manipulated videos or images that make it appear as if a person is saying or doing something they did not do. It is the leading software for creating deepfakes, with more than 95% of deepfake videos being made using this tool. Used by popular YouTube channels and requires a skill in video editors such as Adobe After Effects or Davinci Resolve. The software is available on various platforms, including Windows, Linux, and Google Colab, and users can share pre-trained models and facets made by the community.



⚡Top 5 DeepFaceLab Features:

  1. Deepfake Creation: The leading software for creating deepfakes, with more than 95% of deepfake videos being created using this tool. It allows users to create realistic deepfakes by swapping faces or voices in videos.
  2. Faceset Creation: DeepFaceLab provides a guide on creating the right faceset, which is essential for deepfake creation. Users can collect facesets of any celebrity that can be used in DeepFaceLab and share them in the community.
  3. Compositing: To achieve the highest quality deepfakes, users can manually compose deepfakes in video editors such as Davinci Resolve or Adobe AfterEffects.
  4. Pretrained Models: The community has created a collection of pretrained models that can enhance the deepfake creation process.
  5. Community Support: Active Discord and Telegram groups, forums, and other resources for users to discuss and share their work.



⚡Top 5 DeepFaceLab Use Cases:

  1. Video Editing: DeepFaceLab can swap faces or voices in existing videos, allowing for creative and entertaining content.
  2. Deepfake Training: Users can train deepfakes for free using Google Colab, providing an accessible way to learn and experiment with deepfake technology.
  3. Real-time Face Swap: DeepFaceLive is a real-time face swap tool for PC streaming or video calls, offering a unique way to interact with others.
  4. Image-to-Image Face Swapping: Users can use this tool to perform face swaps between images
  5. Deepfake for Entertainment: DeepFaceLab can be used to create deepfakes for entertainment purposes, such as celebrity impressions or humorous content.

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