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Generate images from text with Diffusers on Mac App Store.
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Diffusers Features

Diffusers on the Mac App Store is an app that allows users to generate images quickly and easily from a text description of what they want. It uses the latest technology contributions from the community to the Hugging Face Hub and is optimised for top performance. With Diffusers, users don’t need credits for online services and can generate all the images they want.

Top 5 features:
– Native Swift app designed for macOS
– Optimised for CPU, GPU, and Apple Neural Engine
– Set of five models downloaded from the Hugging Face Hub
– Ability to tweak generation parameters to achieve desired images
– Fully open source with a permissive license

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Producing images for fun or work
– Tweaking images from previous generations
– Distilling models to reduce RAM usage
– Generating images from negative prompts
– Experimenting with different models for different subjects


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