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Build AI-powered applications with Assistants API, GPTs.
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Dify Features

Dify.ai is a next-generation development platform that enables users to quickly build and operate generative AI applications with Assistants API and GPTs. It provides users with an innovative, streamlined way to access powerful and flexible AI technologies.

Top 5 Features:
– Model Interfaces – Unified model interface for efficient and flexible development
– RAG Pipeline – Fortify apps securely with reliable data pipelines
– Prompt IDE – Design, test, and refine advanced prompts
– Enterprise LLMOps – Monitor and refine model reasoning
– BaaS Solution – Comprehensive backend APIs for AI integration

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Automated customer service and support
– Increased productivity with text and voice assistants
– Faster development of AI applications
– Improve response accuracy with machine learning
– Automate approval processes with AI decisions


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