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What is Docs AI?

DocsAI is a platform designed to help users train their documents, chat with them, and create chatbots that solve queries for both themselves and their users. It aims to modernize workflows by organizing documents and allowing easy searches within them. Users can customize the appearance of their AI companions to match their brand colors and initial settings. Additionally, DocsAI offers a Progressive Web App (PWA) for faster access and has open-source code available on GitHub.



⚡Top 5 Docs AI Features:

  1. Training Documents: Users can train their own documents and chat with them to solve queries for themselves and their users.
  2. Chatbot Creation: DocsAI allows users to create chatbots that can be embedded in any website.
  3. Workflow Modernization: Organize documents and train the AI companion on DocsAI, making it easier to find information within documents.
  4. Customizable Companion: Users can customize the appearance of their AI companion to match their brand colors and initial setup.
  5. PWA Installation: Experience the website like an app by installing the Progressive Web App (PWA) for faster access.



⚡Top 5 Docs AI Use Cases:

  1. Document Organization: Users can organize their documents and make them accessible through the AI companion.
  2. Chatbot Integration: Embed the trained chatbot into websites to enhance user interaction and support.
  3. Brand Customization: Match the AI companion’s appearance to the user’s brand colors and initial setup.
  4. Efficient Search: Quickly find relevant information within documents by utilizing the trained AI companion.
  5. PWA Installation: Improve website performance and user experience by installing the DocsAI PWA.

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