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Publish stunning 3D and animated websites without coding.
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What is Dora AI?

Dora AI is a no-code platform that allows users to create 3D animated websites without writing any code. It aims to break down the barriers of web design by providing an intuitive, visual canvas for designers, freelancers, and creative professionals who want to focus on designing rather than coding. Dora’s AI technology enables users to generate landing pages and design inspiration with ease, while also offering responsive designs that translate seamlessly across devices. The platform provides drag-and-connect constraint layout systems for creating responsive layouts. It supports importing 3D objects and scenes directly into the editor for mind-blowing effects previously achievable only through coding.



⚡Top 5 Dora AI Features:

  1. AI-powered design: Create stunning 3D animated websites using artificial intelligence.
  2. Drag-and-connect constraint layout system: Ensure responsive and intuitive layouts for any project size.
  3. Customizable templates: Choose from a variety of designs tailored to different niches and industries.
  4. No-code platform: Focus on design without worrying about coding constraints.
  5. Frictionless transition from other tools: Seamlessly import designs from Figma, Framer, or Webflow.



⚡Top 5 Dora AI Use Cases:

  1. Designing portfolios: Showcase your work with visually appealing 3D animated sites.
  2. Creating engaging websites: Captivate audiences with advanced animations and pixel-perfect usability.
  3. Building client sites: Offer personalized, responsive designs that meet specific needs.
  4. Hosting events: Share knowledge and connect with others in the Dora community.
  5. Learning tutorials: Improve skills and explore new techniques with step-by-step guides.

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