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What is Dropchat?

Dropchat is a platform that allows users to create and train chatbots using content from various sources, including websites, PDFs, and YouTube videos. It offers a free trial and different pricing plans based on the number of chatbots, chat messages, and additional features such as phone support, larger PDF files, and customer success managers. The platform also includes a comprehensive analytics feature to track user interactions and improve the performance of the chatbot. Dropchat’s chatbots can be integrated into websites or shared as a website link, and users can save questions and answers from their conversations for future reference. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and offers round-the-clock support for any queries or issues.



⚡Top 5 Dropchat Features:

  1. Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG): Dropchat leverages RAG to connect LLMs with external data sources, providing current and context-specific information, enhancing the LLM’s ability to generate more accurate responses.
  2. Cloud-Based SaaS: The Dropchat Platform combines key technologies like GPT-4, embedding models, and a vector database into a user-friendly, no-code environment, significantly enriching the capabilities of LLMs.
  3. Comprehensive Analytics: Dropchat’s platform includes a comprehensive analytics feature that tracks the number of interactions users have with the chatbot, providing insights into its performance and identifying areas for improvement.
  4. Customer Success Plan: Dropchat offers a customer success plan that guides users from initial assessment to strategy, implementation, and support, combining the power of AI, advanced search capabilities, and knowledge graph technologies.
  5. Consulting: Dropchat provides consulting services to help users optimize their chatbot strategies and improve their chatbot’s performance.



⚡Top 5 Dropchat Use Cases:

  1. PDF Chat: Dropchat allows users to create chatbots from PDF files, enabling them to interact with the content in a conversational manner.
  2. Website Chat: Dropchat supports chatbots made from websites, allowing users to interact with the content of a website in a conversational manner.
  3. Second Brain Feature: Dropchat’s second brain feature allows users to save questions and answers from their conversations, enabling them to review and learn from their interactions.
  4. Embed on Website: Dropchat allows users to embed their chatbots as a chat bubble in the bottom right corner of a website, enhancing user engagement and interaction.
  5. Share Your Dropchat Bots: Dropchat enables users to share their chatbots with others by copying the URL or embedding the chatbot on a website, expanding the reach and utility of their chatbots.

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