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Manage, edit, and store images and videos with ease in the cloud.
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Edit At Scale Features

Editor@Scale by Cloudinary Labs is a website dedicated to helping users better manage their media libraries. It provides users with a consolidated platform to upload, store, and edit images and videos through a cloud-based interface.

The website’s top five features include:
-A powerful media library that supports the storage and organization of media assets
-An intuitive editor that allows users to crop, resize, rotate, and add effects to images and videos
-Dynamic manipulation tools that enable users to quickly crop and apply transformations to assets
-An analytics suite that provides insights into media performance and usage
-A secure cloud storage platform that users can access from anywhere

The top five use cases for Editor@Scale include:
-Creating optimized media files for web and mobile applications
-Developing media libraries that are easily accessible from a single interface
-Organizing and cataloguing image and video assets for future use
-Improving website performance through image optimization
-Adding engaging effects and transform image and videos quickly and easily


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