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Manage, edit, and store images and videos with ease in the cloud.
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What is Edit At Scale?

Edit At Scale is a tool from Cloudinary Labs that offers a batch editor for product photos. It is designed to help e-commerce businesses save time and effort by seamlessly enhancing multiple images at once. The tool uses AI to automate simple actions, allowing manual review and fixing of media assets when needed. It is optimized for use within any web development framework and eliminates the need to develop an in-house interactive media editor. The Media Editor requires only native JavaScript to integrate and is easy to use. It helps to scale internal operations by reducing dependency on designers for simple recurring tasks.



⚡Top 5 Edit@Scale Features:

AI-powered batch editing: Edit@Scale uses AI to apply the same edit to multiple images at once, making it easier and faster to edit large numbers of images.
Advanced editing capabilities: Edit@Scale can process complex edits, like deep-etching fur or creating complex drop shadows, with higher precision than other batch photo editors.
No-code solution: Edit@Scale is a no-code solution, meaning it doesn’t require complex programming or editing skills to use.
Broad range of editing possibilities: Edit@Scale provides a broader range of editing possibilities than other batch editing tools, making it an indispensable tool for content creation tasks.
Automates content creation process: Edit@Scale automates the content creation process, especially beneficial for small businesses with limited resources for graphic design or photography.



⚡Top 5 Edit@Scale Use Cases:

Transforming backgrounds: Edit@Scale can transform backgrounds on multiple images in no time, saving time and effort.
Brand recognition: Edit@Scale can make your brand more recognizable and elevate your products’ perceived value by applying consistent edits to multiple images.
Automating content creation: Edit@Scale automates the content creation process, which is especially important for small businesses with limited resources for graphic design or photography.
E-commerce businesses: Edit@Scale is designed for e-commerce businesses, helping them enhance their product photos and save time and effort.
No-code solution for teams: Edit@Scale is a no-code solution, making it accessible to team members or colleagues who may not have programming or editing skills.


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