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What is Editby?

Editby AI is a platform that helps users create AI SEO-optimized content while maintaining their brand’s style and identity. It offers features such as all-in-one content SEO optimization, content from multiple sources, monitoring company keywords, custom templates, and brand integration. The platform also provides content insights, trending content suggestions, plagiarism avoidance, voice style integration, internal linking, and citation addition. Users can export their content to various platforms or download it as a DOCx file.



⚡Top 5 Editby Features:

  1. All-in-one Content SEO optimization: Unify all your SEO work with content creation efforts. Get Google EEAT-optimized content, short-tail and long-tail keyword suggestions, monitor your company keywords position, and get real-time SERP analysis.
  2. Content from multiple sources: Create rich content by integrating information from multiple sources, including blog posts, videos, and papers.
  3. Monitor your company Keywords: Once you have decided which keywords to create content for, start tracking them and see how you rank.
  4. Custom templates: Use templates from famous companies or create your own to format every creation with the same style always.
  5. Add your company brand: Maintain your unique brand style and format across all content, ensuring consistency and relevance.



⚡Top 5 Editby Use Cases:

  1. Individual use: Use Editby to create high-quality, unique SEO-optimized content for personal branding or individual projects.
  2. Small team collaboration: Collaborate with team members to create content that maintains your brand’s style and optimizes SEO.
  3. Content Generation for companies: Scale your content creation process with Editby’s enterprise-level features, including unlimited users and AI monthly articles.
  4. Newsletter Content: Create engaging and SEO-optimized content for your newsletters, maintaining your brand’s style and format.
  5. Content creation for content writers: Use Editby to optimize your content writing process, ensuring SEO-optimized content that maintains your brand’s style and format.

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