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Eesel AI

Customize chatbots for customer service automation & improvement.
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Eesel AI Features

EESEL.AI is a website that provides a personalized chatbot solution for businesses. It offers businesses the ability to customize their chatbot with their own company knowledge and generate an oracle that can answer questions. The top 5 features of the website include:

– Automatic Answer Questions in Group Channels
– Draft Replies in Intercom Zendesk & Jira
– Train ChatGPT with Company Knowledge
– Secure Data with Encryption
– Embed it on a Website

The top 5 use cases for EESEL.AI are:

– Automate customer service inquiries
– Quickly answer employee queries
– Reduce reliance on manual help desk processes
– Provide online support in real-time
– Improve customer experience on websites.


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