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Summarize YouTube videos, find main points & stay informed.
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What is Eightify?

Eightify is a tool that uses AI technology to summarize YouTube videos, providing key ideas and insights from the content in a concise and accessible format. It offers TLDR summaries, key insights, support for over 40 languages, timestamped breakdowns, and shareable summaries. The tool is available as an iOS app and as an extension for Chrome and Safari browsers, allowing users to summarize YouTube videos on the go. Extract, analyze, and condense the main points of a video, prioritizing the quality of its AI YouTube summaries.



⚡Top 5 Eightify Features:

  1. TLDR Summaries: Get the gist of any video in seconds by using YouTube summary AI.
  2. Key Insights: Get the pivotal points and key ideas from the video.
  3. 40+ Languages: Access translations of summaries in your preferred language.
  4. Timestamped Breakdowns: Navigate through videos with ease using summarized paragraphs with timestamps.
  5. Shareable Summaries: Share insights and summaries with friends, peers, or on social media.



⚡Top 5 Eightify Use Cases:

  1. Business Education: Use Eightify for summarizing business seminars and educational videos.
  2. Podcasts and Interviews: Quickly summarize podcasts and interviews for easy understanding.
  3. News, Politics, and Current Events: Stay updated with summaries of news reports and current events.
  4. Health, Wellness, and Longevity: Summarize health and wellness podcasts and videos.
  5. Lectures: Make lectures more accessible by summarizing them for easier understanding.

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