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Create videos from text, PPT, or media with digital characters easily.
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Elai io Features

Elai is an AI-powered platform that allows users to create videos using text, avatars, and AI storyboards. The platform offers a range of features such as text-to-video conversion, voice cloning, auto translations, and PPT-to-video capability. It is widely used for various purposes such as explainer videos, HR onboarding, e-learning, e-commerce, corporate communications, and more.

Top 5 features:
Elai Builder: A feature that allows users to create videos using text, avatars, and AI storyboards
Text-to-Video: Converts written content into engaging video content, making it easier to present complex information visually
Voice Cloning: This feature can clone a voice, allowing for personalized and consistent narration across different videos
PPT-to-Video: Allows users to transform PowerPoint presentations into dynamic videos, enhancing viewer engagement
Auto Translations: This feature translates video content into multiple languages, enabling users to reach a global audience with ease

Top 5 use cases:
Explainer Videos: Creating detailed and engaging videos to explain complex concepts or products
HR Onboarding: Using AI-generated videos for training new employees during onboarding
E-Learning: Enhancing online learning experiences with AI-powered videos
E-Commerce: Utilizing videos to showcase products and drive sales in e-commerce
Corporate Communications: Leveraging video content for internal and external corporate communications


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