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What is Elicit AI?

Elicit AI is an AI research assistant that helps researchers automate tedious tasks such as literature reviews. It uses language models to find papers related to specific questions, summarize key takeaways, and extract important information. Elicit works best for empirical domains involving experiments and concrete results, such as biomedicine and machine learning. It searches across 125 million academic papers from the Semantic Scholar corpus and provides a credit system for users to pay for its services. The platform is designed to work with a good rule of thumb that around 90% of the information is accurate, and users are encouraged to check the work closely.



⚡Top 5 Elicit AI Features:

  1. AI-powered research assistant: Leverage AI language models to automate literature reviews, find papers related to your questions, and summarize key information.
  2. Empirical domain focus: Elicit AI works best for research involving experiments and concrete results, particularly in biomedicine and machine learning.
  3. Credit system: The platform uses a credit system to pay for the app’s running costs, with 5,000 credits given upon sign-up.
  4. Subscription offering: Elicit AI Plus provides additional features and monthly credits for users.
  5. Data extraction: The tool can extract data from papers, using the full text if available or the abstract if not.



⚡Top 5 Elicit AI Use Cases:

  1. Literature review automation: Elicit AI can automate finding and summarizing papers related to a research question.
  2. Brainstorming experts: Researchers can quickly brainstorm a list of experts to reach out to, providing Google Scholar profiles, top publications, and LinkedIn profiles.
  3. Identifying research collaborators: Elicit AI can provide a list of researchers along with their Google Scholar profile, citation count, organization, and top publications.
  4. Finding experts in new domains: Researchers can better understand a new domain by brainstorming a list of experts to survey or interview.
  5. Journalist brainstorming: Elicit AI can help researchers brainstorm journalists and provide their MuckRack profiles, bios, and recent articles.

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