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Ellisense offers insights for smarter global market decisions.
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What is Ellisense?

ElliSense is a free online AI market sentiment analysis tool that uses artificial intelligence to analyze thousands of data points per second, providing real-time market sentiment for various assets such as currencies, cryptos, and stocks. It aims to assist traders in making informed decisions by offering accurate and up-to-date sentiment analysis. The tool scours various sources, including social media and news sites, to gather data for its analysis. ElliSense offers advanced charting features and a Social Sentiment Index to help users understand market moods better.



⚡Top 5 ElliSense Features:

  1. Real-time market sentiment analysis: Provides up-to-date market sentiment analysis for a variety of assets, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, and foreign currencies.
  2. Advanced charting: Offers advanced charting to view historical sentiment and spot market mood highlights.
  3. Partnerships with leading platforms: Integrated with top financial information and exchange platforms worldwide.
  4. User-friendly interface: Easy to understand market sentiment with a Social Sentiment Index.
  5. Data collection and digestion: Scours multiple sources, such as social media and foreign news sites, to gather and analyze thousands of data points per second.



⚡Top 5 ElliSense Use Cases:

  1. Trade decision-making: Informs users about market sentiment changes to make smarter trading decisions.
  2. Competitive edge: Helps financial institutions and traders gain an advantage over their competitors by providing accurate sentiment analysis.
  3. Historical analysis: Allows users to study past market trends through advanced charting features.
  4. Customization: Adds new assets based on user demand and requests.
  5. Integration: Can be integrated into various organizations to enhance their trading capabilities.

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