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Organize ebook highlights with tagging, rating, and notes.
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What is Emdash?

Emdash is an open-source AI book companion that uses AI to organize text snippets, helping users remember and learn from what they read. It features on-device AI analysis for finding passages with similar ideas, instant semantic search, and the ability to tag, rate, and annotate thoughts. Emdash also allows users to export their notes to e-books for review on their e-readers. Additionally, it offers features like random discovery, rephrasing, and exporting to open formats. Emdash is designed to be open-source and offline-first, with no lock-in for users’ collections.



⚡Top 5 Emdash Features:

Conceptual cousins: On-device AI analysis finds passages with similar ideas from other authors, often from a different angle.
Instant semantic search: Find what you’re looking for with both full-text search and deeper semantic matching of fuzzy ideas.
Tag, rate, note, reflect: Organize with tags, add ratings, and annotate your thoughts. Export back to epub for review on your e-reader.
Roll the dice, change your lens: Unearth ideas you’ve forgotten about via random discovery. Rephrase dense concepts and re-explain with metaphors.
No lock-in: Bring in your highlights from your Kindle or as json, csv, or manual input. Export instantly to the same open formats.



⚡Top 5 Emdash Use Cases:

Improve comprehension and retention: Use Emdash to better understand complex texts and retain more information.
Make connections between authors: Emdash helps you find passages with similar ideas from different authors, allowing you to see connections between them.
Organize your thoughts: Use tags, ratings, and notes to organize your thoughts and ideas.
Discover forgotten ideas: Emdash’s random discovery feature helps you unearth ideas you’ve forgotten about.
Export and review on your e-reader: Export your annotated thoughts and ideas back to epub for review on your e-reader.


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