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Emergent Drums

Create limitless, royalty-free drum samples for music & game production.
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What is Emergent Drums?

Audialab offers various products related to music production, particularly focusing on drum sounds. Their flagship product is Emergent Drums, which utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to generate infinite, royalty-free drum samples. They also have a feature called Humanize, designed to add realistic variations to drum samples, and another product called Deep Sampler, which is an AI-powered plugin for deep sampling. Interested individuals can become affiliates of Audialab through their affiliate program. The company consists of a diverse team of professionals dedicated to creating innovative solutions for music producers.



⚡Top 5 Audialab Features:

  1. Revolutionary Plugins: Audialab offers plugins like Emergent Drums and Deep Sampler, which utilize artificial intelligence to generate infinite drum samples and revolutionize the sampling process.
  2. Infinite Drum Samples: With Emergent Drums, users can access a vast library of royalty-free drum samples, ensuring they always have fresh sounds at their disposal.
  3. AI-Powered Technology: The deep learning algorithms used by Audialab enable the creation of unique and diverse drum samples, enhancing the overall sound quality.
  4. Customizable Variations: Users can apply the “Humanize” function to add realistic variations to their drum samples, making each track sound more authentic and engaging.
  5. Alpha Access Opportunities: Audialab provides exclusive opportunities for early adopters to test out its cutting-edge technologies before they are released to the public.



⚡Top 5 Audialab Use Cases:

  1. Music Production: Producers can use Audialab’s plugins to create high-quality drum tracks for various genres, adding depth and character to their compositions.
  2. Sound Design: Sound designers can leverage Audialab’s AI-generated drum samples to create custom percussion elements for film scores, video games, and other multimedia projects.
  3. Live Performance: DJs and live performers can incorporate Audialab’s drum samples into their sets, providing a dynamic and unpredictable element to their performances.
  4. Teaching and Learning: Educators and students can use Audialab’s tools to explore the creative possibilities of AI-generated drum samples, fostering innovation and experimentation.
  5. Collaborative Projects: Musicians working together on a project can benefit from Audialab’s shared libraries and collaboration features, streamlining the production process and encouraging creativity.

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