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Discover music tailored to preferences with Freshly’s Emusion music tool.
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Emusion Features

Freshly.ai is a website that offers a bespoke music recommendation tool, named Emusion. This AI powered recommendation tool helps users discover new music based on their musical preferences. The top 5 features of Freshly.ai’s Emusion music tool are:
– Suggests new music based on user’s preferences
– Gives insights on musical mood
– Features exclusive pre-release songs
– Allows members to be featured on the home page
– Promotes exploration and art of members

The top 5 use cases of Freshly.ai’s Emusion music tool are:
– Gaining knowledge on music moods
– Having access to exclusive pre-release music
– Connecting with fellow music enthusiasts
– Being able to explore and create new music
– Sharing music with friends and family.


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