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Secure GraphQL endpoints with automated flaw detection & remediation.
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Escape Features

Escape – GraphQL Security is a scanning platform that helps detect and fix security flaws in GraphQL endpoints before they reach production. Top 5 features:

– Attack Surface Management (ASM) to detect exposed APIs and identify business-contextual vulnerabilities
– Business Logic Security Testing (DAST) to perform automated Business Logic Testing
– Automated Remediation for DevSecOps processes
– Plug & Play out of the box with no agents or traffic
– Blazing fast tests that complete in minutes and low false positive rates

Top 5 Use Cases:

– Detect and fix security flaws in GraphQL endpoints before production
– Leverage the new generation DAST for early real time Business Logic vulnerability detection
– Shift security left by assisting developers with automated remediations
– Reduce the attack surface with API inventory and prevent data leaks
– Promote tenant isolation for compliance with reports and enhance performance.


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