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What is EVITA AI?

Evita AI is an AI tool designed to enhance vocal training by analyzing singing lessons and providing personalized recommendations for improvement. The tool records singing lessons, either by uploading existing recordings or recording them directly, and uses AI to extract valuable insights. It generates action items tailored to each individual’s vocal development, suggesting improvements and offering comparisons to track progress. In addition to vocal coaching, Evita AI also assists in writing lyrics, generating chord progressions, imagining visuals for music, and analyzing songs. The tool is currently in a beta testing phase, allowing users to participate in its development and provide feedback. It is compatible with various platforms and devices and offers freemium pricing plans.



⚡Top 5 Hey Maestro Features:

  1. Record Your Singing Lesson: Upload or record your singing lesson and Hey Maestro’s AI will extract 100% of the value.
  2. Practice with Hey Maestro: Guides effective and efficient practice with rich playable lesson snippets.
  3. Accelerate Your Progress: Our AI learns from you to optimize your practice and help you progress.
  4. Playback. Practice. Progress: No more scrubbing; Hey Maestro generates replayable snippets of the most important moments.
  5. Maximize the Value of Your Lesson: Access 100% of the value of your lesson instantly



⚡Top 5 Hey Maestro Use Cases:

  1. Effective Practice: Use Hey Maestro to guide your practice sessions and improve your skills efficiently.
  2. Optimized Learning: Let Hey Maestro’s AI analyze your singing lessons and suggest areas for improvement.
  3. Immediate Feedback: Receive instant feedback on your singing performance and track your progress over time.
  4. Personalized Coaching: Benefit from customized coaching based on your unique vocal characteristics and goals.
  5. Collaborative Learning: Share your singing lessons and collaborate with other musicians or instructors to enhance your skills.

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