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What is Exactly AI?

Exactly AI is an advanced AI-powered artwork creation platform designed for artists and illustrators. It uses machine learning algorithms to understand an artist’s style and generates images based on their preferences. The platform allows users to train their AI model with just a few images and provides features like improving image quality and converting sketches into images. Exactly AI emphasizes ethical practices, ensuring that all AI models and generated images belong to the user. The platform offers a freemium pricing model and is trusted by artists and illustrators working with leading brands.



⚡Top 5 Exactly AI Features:

  1. Personalized AI: An AI that understands your artistic style and generates images accordingly
  2. Easy Training: Quickly train your AI model with only a few images
  3. Ethical Ownership: You retain ownership of the AI model and generated images
  4. Unique Style: Create images in your own distinct style
  5. Improved Image Quality: Enhance resolution and details of existing images



⚡Top 5 Exactly AI Use Cases:

  1. Artwork Generation: Generate original artwork based on your specific style
  2. Sketch Conversion: Convert sketches into detailed images
  3. Brand Collaboration: Work with leading brands to create visually appealing content
  4. Creative Exploration: Experiment with different AI models and descriptions to find desired results
  5. Project Enhancement: Improve project quality by enhancing image resolution and details

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