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Reverse image search for identity verification & safety.
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FaceCheck ID Features

FaceCheck ID is an online platform that allows users to verify the authenticity of a person’s identity through facial recognition technology. Users can uncover potential catfish, romance scammers, or fake dating profiles, and avoid dangerous criminals, ensuring their personal safety. The site also offers a service for users to request the removal of their photos, providing a secure process that includes uploading an anonymized identification document, with the promise of deletion upon verification.

Top 5 features:
Identity Verification: This platform helps users verify if someone is real, helping to avoid dangerous criminals and keep families safe. It uncovers catfish, romance scammers, or fake dating profiles, as well as con-artists before doing business with them
Face Search API: FaceCheck ID provides a Face Search API for developers to incorporate into their own applications
Photo Removal Request: Users can request the removal of their photos from the platform. The process includes uploading an anonymized identification document, with the promise of deletion upon verification
Safety Tips: FaceCheck ID provides safety tips to its users, guiding them on how to use the platform responsibly
Match Confidence Levels: When searching for a face, the platform provides different confidence levels for matches, ranging from ‘Certain Match’ (90 to 100), ‘Confident Match’ (83 to 89), ‘Uncertain Match’ (70 to 82) to ‘Weak Match’ (50 to 69)

Top 5 use cases:
Uncover the Truth: FaceCheck ID helps users uncover the truth about the people they’re interacting with online. It’s particularly helpful in the world of online dating to protect against catfishing and scams
Safety: The platform is an extra layer of protection when dating online or engaging with unfamiliar individuals, allowing users to stay safe by verifying the identity of the person they’re dealing with
Comprehensive Searches: While FaceCheck ID specializes in faces, it can be used alongside other tools like Google Lens for a more comprehensive search, covering all aspects of a person’s online presence
Spot Fake Online Profiles: FaceCheck ID helps users spot fake online profiles, enabling them to verify profiles that seem too good to be true before investing time and emotions into a relationship
Versatility: FaceCheck ID can be used for a variety of purposes, such as finding lost friends or family members, researching potential dates, or even finding a person’s social media accounts


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