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What is Fine.dev?

Fine Dev offers an AI-powered software development platform that aims to streamline and automate various aspects of the software development lifecycle. It features AI agents that can be integrated into your team’s workflow, handling repetitive tasks and allowing developers to focus on more innovative work. These agents are tailored to individual projects, adapting to specific coding standards, project requirements, and team preferences. They can analyze codebases, generate specs, and even write code autonomously while learning from user feedback. Additionally, the platform supports a seamless Git workflow, ensures code integrity through integration with CI/CD pipelines, and provides live previews for instant feedback during development. Fine is designed for collaboration among teams and offers a developer-friendly interface. Pricing starts at $500 per month per agent, with additional options for onboarding packages and cloud hosting.



⚡Top 5 Fine Dev Features:

  1. Transform Jira Tickets Into Pull Requests: Fine’s AI agents integrate seamlessly into your team, performing repository-wide tasks and tackling the tasks you don’t want to handle.
  2. Automate the Mundane Work: Fine’s AI agents transform your development workflow by automating the mundane and complex tasks, working within your codebase and iterating with your toolset, tests, and CI/CD pipeline to maximize quality.
  3. Tailored to Your Needs: Every agent is custom-built for your project, adapting to your coding standards, project requirements, and team preferences, providing a solution that suits your exact needs.
  4. Specs & Code Insight: Fine’s AI agents start by deeply analyzing your codebase, generating specs to guide you through the development process before writing any code.
  5. Seamless Git Workflow: Agents automatically branch out, commit changes, and manage pull requests within your Git workflow, simplifying the development process.



⚡Top 5 Fine Dev Use Cases:

  1. Resolve Pull Requests 10x Faster: Bring Fine into any conversation on GitHub to automatically resolve feedback quickly and efficiently.
  2. Fast Revisions: Skip the back-and-forth by mentioning Fine in a review comment to automatically resolve feedback in real-time.
  3. Speed That Means Quality: Automatically solve conflicts, add tests, docs, and more to ensure the quality of your code.
  4. AI Agents You Can Trust: With complete oversight of every thought and step, you are always in full control. Provide feedback and roll back if needed.
  5. Built for Teams: Fine is designed for teams to work together, making it easy to create, share, and benefit from AI agents collaboratively.

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