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Intelligent commands for writing, idea generation, etc.
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What is Finito AI?

Finito is an AI-powered tool designed to assist users in various tasks related to text manipulation. It utilizes ChatGPT technology to enhance grammar correction, improve writing skills, generate ideas, translate languages, and answer questions. To use Finito, users simply select text within any app, press the Control key, and then choose a command from the presented list. Once the desired action is performed, the AI-generated text can be replaced with the original text. Finito is compatible with various apps, including email clients, chat apps, websites, office suites, and design tools. It offers both a free trial and a paid version with limitations on word usage. The tool is developed by Stack, a small software company founded by Mike Antonic, who previously co-founded PixelCut and created popular design and development tools like PaintCode and Drama.



⚡Top 5 Finito Features:

  1. Correct Grammar: Finito helps users correct grammatical errors in their text.
  2. Improve Writing: The tool enhances the quality of written content by suggesting improvements.
  3. Generate Ideas: Finito assists in generating creative ideas for various tasks.
  4. Translate Languages: The platform supports translation of multiple languages, making communication easier across borders.
  5. Answer Questions: Finito provides answers to queries, saving time and effort for users.



⚡Top 5 Finito Use Cases:

  1. Email Enhancement: Users can enhance their emails by correcting grammar, improving writing, and generating ideas.
  2. Chat Improvement: Finito can be used to improve the quality of conversations in chat apps.
  3. Website Optimization: The tool can be used to optimize website content by correcting grammar and improving writing.
  4. Office Suite Assistance: Finito helps users improve their office suite documents by suggesting improvements and generating ideas.
  5. Design Tool Enhancement: The platform can be integrated with design tools to enhance the quality of designs by providing suggestions for improvement.

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