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Build virtual characters with emotional brains for player engagement.
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Flippit Features

Flippit is an AI platform that provides virtual world characters and NPCs for increased player engagement and monetization opportunities. It allows users to build virtual characters with emotional brain capabilities, enabling them to talk, move, and perform tasks.
Top 5 Features:
-Dialogues – enable players to engage in personal conversations with AI characters
-Animations – entertain players with emotional face and body animations
-Actions – unlock the procedural generation of quests by having AI characters perform actions
-Public and Private Knowledge – feed AI characters knowledge to define their conversational and behavioural style
-Integration – seamlessly merge AI characters into the digital landscape
Top 5 Use Cases:
-Gaming Engagements – create engaging and unforgettable interactions between players and AI characters
-Customer Service – provide an automated customer service to elevate customer engagement
-Retail – engage customers with an AI-powered shopping experience
-Immersive Ads – launch immersive ads to monetize digital experiences
-Lead Generation – generate leads through AI-powered conversations and marketing campaigns.


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