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What is FlowiseAI?

Flowise is an open-source low-code tool designed for developers to build customized Language Model (LLM) orchestration flows and AI agents. It enables rapid iteration and deployment, making it easier to transition from testing to production. Key features include connecting LLMs with memory, data loaders, cache, moderation, and other integrations; creating autonomous agents that utilize tools to perform various tasks; providing APIs, SDKs, and embedded chat options for integration into applications; supporting open-source LLMs; and offering a range of use cases, including product catalog chatbots and conversational agents. Flowise has a vibrant community of developers who appreciate its ease of use and versatility.



⚡Top 5 Flowise Features:

  1. Build LLM Apps: An open-source low-code tool for developers to create customized LLM orchestration flows and AI agents
  2. Iterate, Fast: Facilitates rapid iteration between testing and production stages
  3. LLM Orchestration: Connects LLMs with memory, data loaders, cache, and moderation
  4. Agents & Assistants: Creates autonomous agents capable of executing tasks using custom tools and AI assistants
  5. API, SDK, Embed: Extends integration to applications using APIs, SDK, and embedded chat features



⚡Top 5 Flowise Use Cases:

  1. Product catalog chatbot: Answers product-related queries
  2. Community: Open source community-driven platform for developers to build and share LLM apps
  3. Personal Cockpit: Builds a chatbot connected to the internet and various APIs, linking it to multiple workflows and AI agents
  4. Project management tasks: Uses an AI bot called Koos to create project management tasks in Notion from Slack
  5. Multi-modal chatbot: Merges text and image generation into seamless conversations

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