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What is Flowshot?

Flowshot is a Google Sheets plugin that allows users to easily integrate AI into their workflows without requiring signups, setup, or API keys. It offers various features such as AI prompts, autocomplete, and custom model training. Users can start with AI prompts like `=AI(“Write a product description for:”, A1)` and progress to training custom models when they have sufficient examples. Flowshot supports a range of AI models from providers like OpenAI, AI21, and Hugging Face. It uses a combination of in-house AI models and external providers to ensure optimal performance. Custom model training and usage are included in the monthly plan, with billing based on the cost prices set by providers. Flowshot aims to negotiate better rates with certain providers or assist users in bringing models in-house with open source models. It also provides options for API and Zapier integrations.



⚡Top 5 Flowshot Features:

  1. Easy Integration: Flowshot seamlessly integrates with Google Sheets, allowing users to leverage AI capabilities directly from their spreadsheets.
  2. Autocomplete: This feature allows users to teach AI to generate, transform, or extract text by providing a few examples, making repetitive tasks easier and more efficient.
  3. Custom AI Models: Users can train custom, task-specific AI models on their spreadsheet data, which can then be used to automate repetitive work in bulk.
  4. API and Zapier Integrations: Custom models can be integrated with APIs and Zapier, expanding the range of applications for AI-assisted tasks.
  5. Character Tracking: Flowshot tracks the monthly character count of inputs and outputs, helping users manage their character usage effectively.



⚡Top 5 Flowshot Use Cases:

  1. Product Description Generation: Flowshot can assist in creating product descriptions by utilizing AI prompts and custom models.
  2. Ad Copy and SEO Meta Writing: Users can utilize Flowshot to generate ad copy and SEO meta descriptions for their websites.
  3. Text Translation: Flowshot can translate text into multiple languages, making it useful for businesses operating globally.
  4. Review Summary: The platform can summarize reviews or feedback, saving time and effort for businesses seeking customer insights.
  5. Data Labeling: Flowshot can classify, label, or categorize data, streamlining processes in various industries.

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