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Simplifies and refines formula creation in Google Sheets
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What is Formulas HQ?

Formulas HQ is an online platform designed to assist users in creating and managing Excel formulas, VBA scripts, and regular expressions. It offers three pricing plans: Formula Pro, Yearly Pro, and Basic. The Formula Pro plan is suitable for one-off projects and includes unlimited formula requests, VBA script requests, regular expressions, note notifications, and Chat GPT-4 messaging. The Yearly Pro plan offers priority support along with all the features of the Formula Pro plan, while the Basic plan is free and ideal for users who require fewer requests per month.



⚡Top 5 Formulas HQ Features:

  1. Formula and Script Generator for Excel and Sheets: This feature allows users to generate or explain formulas ten times faster than manual methods.
  2. Excel Formula Tester: Formulas HQ enables users to streamline their spreadsheet processes and boost efficiency with an essential tool.
  3. Excel VBA Generator: This feature helps users unlock the full potential of Excel by generating VBA code.
  4. Chat GPT-4 Messaging: Users can communicate with a chatbot version of GPT-4 for assistance and brainstorming ideas.
  5. Unlimited Requests: All plans offer unlimited formula, VBA script, and regular expression requests, ensuring flexibility and convenience.



⚡Top 5 Formulas HQ Use Cases:

  1. Optimizing Flight Tracker with Apps Script: This use case involves sorting fields and improving the performance of a Google Sheets flight tracker.
  2. Double Checking Accountant and Sales Manager: Users can verify the work of their accountant and sales manager by utilizing the tool’s features.
  3. Generating Copy for Outbound Sales Campaigns: The chat feature assists in creating content for marketing efforts.
  4. Improving Productivity in Old School Distribution Company: The VBA code generator helps employees understand complex data and improve their organization’s operations.
  5. Streamlining Workflow for Busy Professionals: The tool saves time and effort by automating complex calculations and formulas.

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