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FormX AI

Extract and convert unstructured data into structured format.
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What is FormX AI?

FormX AI is an intelligent document processing software designed to simplify document data management. It uses AI technology to automatically extract data from various documents, including receipts, bank statements, and identity documents, improving operational efficiency, reducing human errors, and decreasing costs associated with manual data entry. FormX allows users to batch extract data from documents and receive structured data in JSON or CSV format, which can be easily integrated with other systems. Additionally, FormX provides pre-trained models for common document types and custom builders for more specific document handling. The software is compatible with enterprise needs, offering tailor-made SLAs and customizable plans.



⚡Top 5 FormX AI Features:

  1. Automatic Data Extraction: FormX AI automatically extracts data from various types of documents, including those with similar formats.
  2. AI-Powered Solutions: The platform utilizes AI technologies like OCR, NLP, and machine learning to accurately process and analyze data.
  3. Structured Data Output: Results are returned in well-structured formats like JSON, CSV, or XML, ensuring compatibility with diverse software environments.
  4. User-Friendly Web Portal: The web portal offers intuitive instructions for managing parsing configurations, testing data extraction processes, and accessing integration materials.
  5. Integration Capabilities: FormX AI integrates seamlessly with existing workflows and supports API-based data extraction.



⚡Top 5 FormX AI Use Cases:

  1. Efficient Document Management: Streamline data-intensive processes by obtaining vital data with just a few clicks.
  2. Multilingual Support: Translate and process documents in different languages, breaking language barriers.
  3. Customizable Extraction: Handle various document types with custom extraction methods, rules, and post-processing techniques.
  4. Regulation Compliance: Assist organizations in meeting intricate compliance needs by providing tailor-made solutions.
  5. Scalability and Adaptability: FormX AI’s commitment to adaptability ensures seamless integration into existing workflows as the business grows.

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