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Framedrop Features

Framedrop is an AI-powered streaming highlights platform that makes it easy for streamers to find and share their best plays. It helps streamers to find and edit highlights, and share them easily on social media. Top 5 Features: -Highlight Detector: Advanced AI to identify a stream’s best moments -Smart Edits: AI Smart Editing tools to make the most out of your gameplay -Clip Dashboard: Access all clips from your stream fast -Lightweight: No software required, no download, and no storage occupation -Share Your Voice: Quick export to easily share on social media Top 5 Use Cases: -Streamers can save time getting highlights from their streams -Helps to optimize creators; workflow to make the most out of their gameplay -No need to download any software to get the best performance -No more wasting time manually posting on social platforms -Helps to find and promote highlights of their live streams quickly and easily.


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