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Free AI Detector

AI Detector accurately detects AI-generated content with 98% accuracy.
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What is Free AI Detector?

Free AI Detector tool by Content At Scale that checks for AI-generated content from various sources such as ChatGPT, GPT4, Bard, and Claude. The tool uses natural language processing and a trained model to analyze text and identify patterns indicative of AI generation. It provides an overall AI probability score and highlights specific sentences that trigger AI detection. Additionally, the company offers a premium version called AI Detector Pro, which includes undetectable rewrites for $49 per month. Users can access the AI Detector Pro through the standalone tool or the Content at Scale app. The Pro version allows unlimited AI detection scans, paraphrasing AI-detected sentences, and rewriting all AI-detected sections in one go. It also plans to add more features to create 100% undetectable content.



⚡Top 5 Free AI Detector Features:

  1. Proprietary AI Engines and NLP Algorithms: Content at Scale’s AI Detector uses a combination of three AI engines and natural language processing algorithms to rewrite sentences and paraphrase paragraphs in a humanlike manner that can bypass even the toughest AI detection tools.
  2. ChatGPT, GPT4, Bard, Claude & Gemini Detection: The AI Detector checks for text generated from sources like ChatGPT, GPT4, Bard, Claude, and Gemini with a 98% accuracy rate, making it one of the most trusted in the industry.
  3. AI Checker and Scoring System: The AI Detector uses natural language processing and a trained model to detect patterns, forecast probable word choices, understand sentence structure, and provide an overall yes/no/maybe output with a sentence-by-sentence highlight of sentences that trigger AI detection.
  4. Unlimited AI Detection Scans: The premium AI Checker allows users to perform unlimited scans on written content up to 50k characters per scan, suitable for most types of written content.
  5. Human Quality Output: Content at Scale’s Generative AI suite provides human level output for blogs, books, essays, and more in your own voice, which can be edited easily using the built-in professional editor.



⚡Top 5 Free AI Detector Use Cases:

  1. Enhancing SEO Performance: By generating undetectable AI content, Content at Scale helps users achieve higher search engine rankings without compromising on quality.
  2. Academic Grading: The AI Detector can assist educators in identifying AI-generated text in student assignments, ensuring fair grading practices.
  3. Reader Perception Management: By transforming AI text into undetectable AI content, Content at Scale allows businesses to maintain reader perceptions and avoid potential negative impacts on brand reputation.
  4. Content Personalization: The AI Detector and Generative AI suite enable users to generate content tailored to specific audiences, improving user experience and engagement.
  5. Compliance Monitoring: Content at Scale helps organizations ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards by identifying content that violates copyright laws, privacy regulations, or community guidelines.

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