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What is Free Subtitles AI?

FreeSubtitles AI is a web application that provides free transcription and translation services for audio and video content. It utilizes AI technology, specifically the Whisper Model Medium for transcription and the open-source M2M_100 model for translation. The platform supports multiple languages and offers transcriptions in popular subtitle formats like SRT, VTT, and TXT. Users can upload files with a maximum size of 300MB and duration of up to 1 hour for free use, or upgrade to paid use for higher limits and additional features like permanent storage and unattended processing. Paid users can also access premium translation services like DeepL and Yandex. The tool aims to improve accessibility and understanding across languages and cater to diverse user needs.



⚡Top 5 FreeSubtitles AI Features:

  1. File Size Limit: Free users can upload files up to 300MB in size, while paid users can upload files up to 10GB.
  2. Duration Limit: Free users can transcribe videos up to 1 hour in duration, while paid users can transcribe videos up to 10 hours in duration.
  3. Transcription Models: Free users can use the Whisper Model Medium for high accuracy transcription, while paid users can use the Whisper Model Large V2 for best accuracy transcription.
  4. Translation Models: Free users can translate their transcriptions into one language using the Open Source M2M_100 Model, while paid users can translate their transcriptions into five languages using DeepL and Yandex.
  5. Browser Tab Dependency: Free users must keep their browser tab open during the entire transcription process, while paid users can close their browser tab without interrupting the transcription.



⚡Top 5 FreeSubtitles AI Use Cases:

  1. Speaker Diarization: Paid users can benefit from speaker diarization, which helps identify different speakers in a conversation or presentation.
  2. Automatic Media Downloader: Paid users can use the Automatic Media Downloader to automatically download their video or audio files for faster transcription processing.
  3. Multiple Files Transcription: Paid users can transcribe multiple files simultaneously, while free users can only transcribe one file at a time.
  4. Permanent Storage: Paid users can store their files permanently for future reference and use the built-in player to play their content with subtitles in the browser.
  5. Programmatic Access: Paid users can access the API to integrate FreeSubtitles AI functionality into their own applications.

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