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Friends And Fables

Immerse in RPGs with AI Dungeon Master & world-building.
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What is Friends And Fables?

Friends and Fables is an innovative platform that allows you to play D&D 5e as a text-based RPG with Franz, an AI Dungeon Master. It offers both solo and multiplayer campaigns which can be easily accessed anytime, anywhere, including through the Discord mobile app. The platform provides a genuine D&D 5e experience, complete with leveling, HP tracking, spell casting, and more. It suits those who struggle to schedule in-person sessions or lack access to a dungeon master.



⚡ Top 5 Friends and Fables Features:

  1. AI Dungeon Master: Featuring Franz, an AI Dungeon Master, which brings the game to life by reacting to player actions, running combat, and weaving an epic story
  2. Solo or Multiplayer Campaigns: Users can start solo or multiplayer campaigns in under a minute. This flexibility allows for both personal adventures and shared experiences with friends
  3. Full D&D 5e Experience: Friends and Fables includes features that emulate a real D&D 5e experience, such as leveling, HP tracking, and spell casting, providing an authentic RPG feel
  4. Access Anywhere, Anytime: With compatibility on the Discord mobile app, users can access their adventures anytime, anywhere – whether commuting, waiting in line, or enjoying downtime
  5. Character Customization: Users can explore the world as any character they can imagine, offering limitless possibilities for personalization and creativity in gameplay



⚡ Top 5 Friends and Fables Use Cases:

  1. Solo Gaming: Perfect for individuals looking to enjoy a D&D 5e experience on their own, without the need for a physical group or dungeon master
  2. Remote Multiplayer Sessions: Ideal for friends living across different locations who want to play D&D together online, making geographical distance irrelevant
  3. Learning D&D: Great for beginners learning the ropes of D&D 5e. The AI Dungeon Master, Franz, can guide new players through the intricacies of the game
  4. Flexible Gaming: Useful for those with busy schedules who struggle to find time for in-person sessions. The platform allows users to play anywhere, anytime, even during commutes or short breaks
  5. Creative Outlet: Excellent for those who love storytelling and character creation, as it provides a platform to explore limitless character possibilities and craft unique narratives

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