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G Prompter generates prompts for midjourney and training.
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G-Prompter Features

G Prompter is a website that enables users to train their own prompters with the aim of achieving optimal prompts for midjourney. The main features of the website include:
– Train your own prompters to get awesome results
– Get optimal prompts for midjourney using GPT API and your own trained prompters
– Access to limited queries for free, with the option to donate for unlimited services
– Generous donors section for those who donate to get full access to the service
– AI integration to provide AI-inspiration for prompts

The top 5 use cases include:
– Using G Prompter to create custom prompts
– Training prompters for better results
– Accessing prompt-generating features with AI integration
– Donating to gain full access to the service
– Exploring the website to discover content and advice


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