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Quickly write & export product tasks for team dev.
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GeniePM Features

GeniePM helps make product wishes come true. It provides a friendly interface powered by AI to help users write and export product requirements, tasks, user stories, bugs and more. GeniePM generates a full set of tickets for faster product development in teams.

Top 5 Features:
– Friendly interface powered by AI
– Splits work into logical tasks, user stories, PRDs, etc
– Export data to JIRA Linux, Notion, ClickUp and more
– Generates a full set of tickets for faster product development
– Offers tailored flow for PMs, POs and anyone who needs to deliver definitions for their team

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Writing and exporting product requirements
– Splitting work into logical tasks
– Generating a full set of tickets
– Exporting data to JIRA, Notion, ClickUp and more
– Delivering definitions for team members


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