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Summarize YouTube videos and Google searches with ChatGPT.
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What is Glarity?

Glarity is an AI copilot that offers various features to enhance the user experience. It provides YouTube and Google summaries, translates text into multiple languages, and assists in crafting email responses. Users can ask questions about web pages or engage in casual conversations, similar to chatting with ChatGPT. The platform supports 90+ languages and offers instant translation with a mirrored display for easy comparison. Additionally, it has a Gmail Email Assistant that allows users to craft email responses with just one sentence. The extension is available on the Chrome Web Store and is free to use, although some features may require a ChatGPT/OpenAI account.



⚡Top 5 Glarity Features:

1. YouTube Summary: Glarity provides a summary of YouTube videos, highlighting key moments and generating FAQs for easy understanding.
2. Google Summary: The extension delivers comprehensive explanations and answers to questions related to Google search results.
3. Cross-Language Summaries: Glarity supports 90+ languages, allowing users to understand content in their native language.
4. Gmail Email Assistant: The extension assists in crafting email responses with just one sentence.
5. Web Content Q&A: Users can ask questions about web pages or engage in casual conversations with the extension, similar to chatting with ChatGPT.



⚡Top 5 Glarity Use Cases:

1. Efficient Learning: Glarity helps students summarize and understand complex topics by providing key information from YouTube videos and web pages.
2. Multilingual Communication: The extension enables users to translate and summarize content in different languages, facilitating international communication.
3. Email Productivity: Glarity’s email assistant feature saves time by suggesting responses to emails, reducing the need for lengthy compositions.
4. Research Assistance: The extension assists in understanding and summarizing research materials, making it easier to digest and analyze information.
5. Language Learning: Glarity’s cross-language summaries can be used as a tool for language learners to practice reading and understanding content in their target language.


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