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What is Glass.health?

Glass Health is an AI-powered clinical decision support platform designed to assist clinicians in developing differential diagnoses, drafting clinical plans, and answering reference questions. The platform uses a large language model combined with evidence-based, peer-reviewed clinical guidelines to generate first drafts of clinical plans based on patient summaries. Glass Health aims to increase diagnostic accuracy, improve the implementation of evidence-based treatment, enhance medical education, eliminate burnout, accelerate health equity, and improve patient outcomes worldwide.



⚡Top 5 Glass Health Features:

  1. AI-Powered Clinical Decision Support: Glass Health’s AI platform helps clinicians develop differential diagnoses and draft clinical plans, improving patient care.
  2. Differential Diagnosis: Glass identifies potential diagnoses that match the patient’s presentation and suggests investigations to consider.
  3. Clinical Plan Drafting: Glass drafts an assessment and plan based on the patient summary, suggesting evidence-based diagnostic and treatment steps.
  4. Large Language Model: Glass combines a large language model with evidence-based, peer-reviewed clinical guidelines created and maintained by a team of physicians.
  5. Evidence-Based Treatment: Glass aims to improve the implementation of evidence-based treatment, enhancing patient outcomes.



⚡Top 5 Glass Health Use Cases:

  1. Improving Diagnostic Accuracy: Glass Health’s AI platform increases diagnostic accuracy, leading to better patient care.
  2. Enhancing Medical Education: Glass aims to enhance medical education by providing clinicians with the best-in-class AI for clinical decision support.
  3. Eliminating Burnout: Glass Health’s mission includes eliminating burnout among clinicians, improving their overall well-being.
  4. Accelerating Health Equity: Glass aims to accelerate the achievement of health equity, ensuring that all patients receive the best possible care.
  5. Improving Patient Outcomes: By increasing diagnostic accuracy, improving the implementation of evidence-based treatment, and enhancing medical education, Glass Health aims to improve patient outcomes worldwide.

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