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Global Predictions Inc

Gain macro insights for economic shifts & portfolio management.
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What is Global Predictions Inc?

Global Predictions is a company that provides a full-stack solution for investing insights and financial advice, built on top of their proprietary Economic Insights Engine. They offer personalized recommendations for individuals, family offices, and institutions, using AI and hedge-fund inspired financial models. Their technology includes a recommendation engine, forecasting system, and a dynamic, automatically updated map of the global economy. They also offer a chat-based interaction system, score and recommendation system, and investor preference customization. Their products are designed to help self-directed investors make better decisions in a complex economy.



⚡Top 5 Global Predictions Features:

  1. Economic Insights Engine: A proprietary system built by hedge fund experts that converts complex data into economic insights and personalized financial advice.
  2. Recommendation Engine: A complex multi-layered system that provides portfolio-specific recommendations influenced by economic models.
  3. Forecasting System: Uses ensemble models to forecast thousands of economic series worldwide.
  4. Chat-Based Interaction: LLM guided conversations accessing current data, market insights, analysis, and recommendations.
  5. Unique Technology Stack: Built on top of a proprietary Economic Insights Engine, offering personalized recommendations, investor preferences, and forecasting system.



⚡Top 5 Global Predictions Use Cases:

  1. Portfolio Management: Connect your multi-asset portfolios to what’s happening in the economy with PortfolioPilot Pro.
  2. Institutional Solutions: Use GP API for Fintechs and Institutions to get a holistic view of the global stage.
  3. Personalized Financial Advice: Receive real financial advice tailored to your portfolio and preferences.
  4. Investment Optimization: Improve your portfolio with personalized recommendations and one-click portfolio optimization.
  5. Integration with Financial Institutions: Seamlessly link your accounts from Questrade, Wealthsimple, RBC Direct Invest, and more.

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