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God In A Box

Generate ideas, images, answers via Whatsapp.
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What is God In A Box?

God In A Box is a platform that integrates GPT-3.5, also known as chatGPT, into WhatsApp messaging. Users can interact with the AI assistant on a variety of topics and receive advice, assistance, or engage in casual conversations. The service offers unlimited messages and 30 image credits per month for $9/month. It also allows users to generate AI images using specific commands. God In A Box prioritizes privacy by not storing messages on its servers and offers features like conversation resetting and image generation. Users can sign up through the website, providing a phone number for verification and link to connect Google account.



⚡Top 5 God In A Box Features:

  1. Full Search and Query History: Benefit from WhatsApp’s extensive search capabilities.
  2. Context-aware Threads: Enjoy seamless conversations similar to ChatGPT.
  3. No Manual Authentication: Access the bot without needing additional credentials.
  4. Unlimited Scale: Experience the power of AI without worrying about limitations.
  5. Rate Limit Abuse Detection: Ensure fair usage and maintain system stability.



⚡Top 5 God In A Box Use Cases:

  1. Wound Care Consultation: Get expert advice on medical issues.
  2. Cooking Tips: Improve your culinary skills with personalized recommendations.
  3. Philosophical Discussions: Engage in deep conversations with the AI.
  4. Image Generation: Create stunning visuals using the !create command.
  5. Conversation Reset: Start fresh whenever needed with the !reset command.

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