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Good Tape: Swift audio-to-text with auto transcription.
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What is GoodTape?

GoodTape is a secure and automatic transcription service that allows users to convert audio files into precisely transcribed text. It is designed to save time and effort, particularly for journalists and other professionals who need to transcribe interviews or other audio recordings. The service is built on OpenAI’s AI model called Whisper and offers a freemium model, with a free version for private and casual users and a paid plan for professional use. Committed to security, with encrypted data transfer and deletion of recordings after transcription. It is optimized for various industries, including marketing, business consultancy, research, and video production.



⚡Top 5 GoodTape Features:

  1. Secure Transcription Service: GoodTape offers a secure transcription service for your interview tape, ensuring the highest privacy and security standards.
  2. Automatic Transcription: The platform uses speech recognition technology to convert interviews, conversations, and other spoken content into written formats, regardless of language or quality.
  3. Autodetect Feature: GoodTape automatically detects the language spoken in the file and transcribes it accordingly, supporting over 90 languages.
  4. Easy Interface: Users can upload files and convert them into written texts within minutes, with a straightforward interface that makes the process simple and efficient.
  5. Free Account Option: Allowing users to create a free account to transcribe up to 20 minutes of content, making it accessible to many users.



⚡Top 5 GoodTape Use Cases:

  1. Journalists: GoodTape is optimized for transcribing interviews, making it a valuable tool for journalists who convert audio recordings into written formats.
  2. Marketing, Business Consultancy, Research, and Video Production: The platform is used across various industries, including marketing, business consultancy, research, and video production, demonstrating its versatility.
  3. Podcasts: A boon for individuals conducting podcasts, providing an efficient way to transcribe audio files accurately and efficiently.
  4. Interviews: The platform is designed to transcribe audio files accurately and efficiently, making it a valuable tool for individuals conducting interviews.
  5. Research: GoodTape can save time and effort for researchers who need accurate and reliable transcripts quickly, allowing them to focus on their work.

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