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What is GPT Stylist?

GPT Stylist is designed for Figma and FigJam platforms. This plugin generates custom color palettes based on a user’s product description, aiming to create unique and bespoke color schemes that align with the brand’s identity. It simplifies the color decision-making process during design projects, offering a range of benefits such as generating a palette for new products or revamping existing ones. Additionally, GPT Stylist includes a prompt library with over 50 templates and examples to assist users in starting their design processes.



⚡Top 5 GPT Stylist Features:

  1. Unique Color Palette Generation: GPT Stylist generates a unique color palette inspired by your product description, providing a one-of-a-kind design.
  2. OpenAI API Integration: The plugin uses a cached OpenAI API for quick response generation, saving on tokens and improving efficiency.
  3. Prompt Library: Over 50 templates and examples are provided to kickstart your design process.
  4. Compatibility: GPT Stylist is compatible with Figma and FigJam, making it easy to integrate into your design workflow.
  5. Versatility: The plugin is useful for various scenarios such as designing new products or redesigning existing ones, simplifying the color decision-making process.



⚡Top 5 GPT Stylist Use Cases:

  1. Brand Identity: Create a color palette that accurately represents your brand’s personality and values.
  2. Product Redesign: Revamp the color scheme of an existing product to align with its updated features or target audience.
  3. Design Efficiency: Save time and effort by automatically generating color suggestions based on your product description.
  4. Inspiration Source: Utilize the prompt library to find inspiration and ideas for your design projects.
  5. Consistency: Ensure that your designs maintain a consistent color scheme across different platforms and mediums.

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