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Detect & classify content as human/machine with GPTKit.
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GPTKit Features

GPTKit is a free AI text generation detection tool that allows users to detect and classify text as either human or chatgpt generated. It utilizes 6 different AI based content detection techniques to identify and classify text, and provides reports on the authenticity and reality of the content analyzed. GPTKit also offers a user-friendly dashboard, FAQ, API, and upgrade options.

– Multi-model approach for detection
– Up to 93% accuracy
– 2048 characters free for guest users
– User-friendly dashboard
– API & upgrade options

Use Cases:
– Professionals & students checking their AI generated content
– Content writers verifying accuracy of their work
– Employees assessing the authenticity of texts
– Freelancers testing content for ChatGPT generation
– Teachers ensuring accuracy of texts generated by students


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